Bebe Style Animal World Playmat

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Bebe Style’s Animal  World Baby Musical + Lights Play Mat A bright colourful activity play mat which encourages sensory development for the baby. The play mat includes five animal themed toys. Comfortable mat encourages comfortable tummy time. Simple twist and fold design for easy storage.

This soft activity gym features fun toys and stimulating book. A animal patterned mat accompanies the baby on this adventure. Soft textured border encourages tactile development. This versatile playmat is a very high quality product and provides your baby with a comfortable environment to play and lay.

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  • High-contrast colours and patterns,
  • Developmental toys and fun characters
  • Great for travel since it folds flat.
  • 5 Hanging toys
  • Removable toy arches
  • Machine washable


Dimensions: 80x80x46cm