Primobolan properties

Primobolan is a completely unique steroid that has no identical analogues. Firstly, primobolan is not converted to estrogens, therefore, estrogen-related side effects are usually not observed with its use. This means that problems such as acne, swelling, gynecomastia, etc. cannot be associated with the use of Primobolan. 

Thus, PRIMOBOLAN is a very useful steroid for those prone to undesirable side effects such as acne and gynecomastia. Due to the fact that primobolan practically does not contribute to fluid retention in the body, it is often effectively used in so-called "drying". Its muscle-building effect is attributed not only to low or even zero fluid retention, but also to its anabolic nature and nitrogen retention. This mainly means that it preserves muscle very well in a calorie deficit during drying.

Many argue that the only side effect of Primobolan is slow muscle growth, but with prolonged use (more than 8 weeks), it is a steady, high-quality and sustained growth. Due to the low water retention, etc., the growth of muscle mass on Primobolan will be of high quality. 

The mass gained when taking primobolan is easily maintained, however, although it does not act so depressingly on the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicles arc, it can still take you out of the game. Don't make the mistake of thinking that post-cycle therapy can be avoided when using Primobolan, because this is not the case. Recovery will be easier than with most other steroids, but you will still need proper therapy with Clomid.

As a rule, primobolan does not affect libido, however, some people experience a decrease in libido when taken in a course without testosterone. Most often this happens with those who are too carried away, i.e. with those who use more testosterone and / or sit on anabolic steroids longer than usual. 

In such cases, when testosterone is not used during the course of taking Primobolan, and problems with sexual energy arise, it may be necessary to take appropriate drugs, such as Viagra, Cialis, etc. However, as mentioned above, this usually does not happen with the majority of Primobolan users.